Shadowing Traevus

The first step.

Thus far our heroes have been employed by a wandering merchant named Traevus. Of course all things are not as they seem.

The team has fought their way through dungeons and out-witted an ancient trap recovering the Deck of Many Things. Everyone drew and Trux was unlucky. His soul was stolen and sent to Gamma Terra a dimension that exists only from flotsam that has gathered from the vaious other worlds in the universe. Traveling to the holy city of Alarr (at Traevus’ suggestion) the party finds Scion a priest of the old gods who agrees to send them to Gamma Terra. The rest of the party traveled there and with the help of a rather uncouth Yeti recovered their missing colleague’s soul. Unfortunately their Yeti guide, Stipple was lost in the effort…OR WAS HE? The team also recovered the head of an automaton which the old god St. Cuthbert had taken residence in once he was driven from the prime material plane.

The party successfully makes it back to the PMP and finds that Trux is now awake and raring to go once again.



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